About the Academy

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The Skills to Succeed Academy is an innovative online employability learning solution, created specifically to meet the needs of jobseekers. It has a design appealing to 15-24 year olds but the content is relevant to all ages. It offers 42 hours of highly interactive online training and support materials, that take learners through the entire journey of finding a job.

Click here for the Skills to Succeed Academy Advisor Training

The Advisor Training is a quick & simple way to learn how to use the Academy and how to get the most out of it when supporting learners. This short e-learning is packed with lots of great information, including how to register, what learning content is available, top tips on how to deliver it to get the best results, as well as what materials are available to give you extra support. Made up of clear sections with bitesize videos, you can dip in and out to find the information you need quickly and easily, as and when you need it.

Please be aware that we are currently working on some enhancements to this module. As such the 'I'm Finished' button at end of the module is currently not functioning.

About Accenture

Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. Our desire to create the Academy, was part of our global Corporate Citizenship initiative, Skills to Succeed, focused on supporting people globally to build skills for employment. As part of Skills to Succeed, we are committed to helping 3 million people around the world to build the skills required to get a job or build a business by 2020. Our challenge was to create a programme with the scale and reach to really make an impact locally. We wanted to create a solution that provided as many young job seekers as possible with the right skills to understand career choices, find a job and sustain employment. And with our extensive technology and learning expertise, the natural answer was to create and deliver an online learning solution. Hence, the Skills to Succeed Academy was born.

We realised, however, that if we were to create a truly inspiring, engaging and relevant solution, we could not achieve our ambitions alone. So we convened a number of partners, including employability subject matter experts, a creative communications and learning agency, innovative software specialists and, most importantly, young job seekers themselves to work alongside us. Our partners, listed below, provided much of their support on a Pro Bono basis. Their expertise and generosity of time and spirit has resulted in the fantastic solution we have here - the Skills to Succeed Academy. We cannot thank them enough for their dedication and support. To find out more about Accenture and what we do, please visit accenture.com

About ELBA

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A registered charity, ELBA has over 20 years' experience in enabling successful partnerships between business and the community. As the leading social regeneration charity in East London, ELBA helps hundreds of people into work through its award-winning employment programme. With contacts in over 500 local organisations and a network of employment advisors, ELBA's advice and help was invaluable in making the online curriculum relevant and engaging for young people. ELBA was also able to help us pilot the Academy with young jobseekers across East London prior to its launch.

To find out more about ELBA click here www.elba-1.org.uk

About Replay

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Replay has been a key content and technology partner for the Skills to Succeed Academy. Replay's expertise in making clear, engaging and effective communications, along with their film and video, learning and new media capabilities, made them a natural partner in the Academy project. In particular, Replay created the cutting edge performance simulation training, underpinning the unique behavioural learning aspects of the training and making it a highly visual and interactive learning experience. Replay provided many of their services on a pro bono basis in support of the vision of the Skills to Succeed Academy.

To find out more about Replay click here replayfilms.co.uk

About Assima

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Assima are great supporters of the Skills to Succeed Academy. They made available, at no cost, their innovative online learning software and award winning technology, which enabled the creation of the character-based training modules. In addition, Assima provided free training and coaching for the Accenture project team, collaborating with them to build a truly interactive learning programme specifically designed for young people. Assima also created the exciting animations that bring to life the learning for the end user.

Discover more about Assima at www.assima.net or follow @assimaplc on Twitter.

To enhance the user's experience of the Skills to Succeed Academy training, media, such as images and audio, have been used throughout. Some of the media used in the training has come from an external source. The link here will take you to a document that shows the source information for this media.